Garage Door Cable Repair

Garage Door Cable Repair – The Ultimate Guide of [2022]

The cable is indeed a significant part of your garage door system. It works to minimize pressure on other components by holding the door and making sure that the door is opening or closing smoothly. A strong and healthy cable can save you from several types of accidents.

It is risky when the cable is damaged, torn, or has some other issue. Also, the cable might get misplaced and hamper the smoothness of the door. You might find several issues with the cable of your garage door. No matter what the issue is, you should get it fixed as soon as possible. 

This is why we’re here. We are an experienced and professional team of garage door services who can help you with repairing your garage door cable. We have been working in this field for a long time and served a lot of clients by fixing several issues related to their garage doors. So, you can call us for a garage door cable repair service

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Repair Garage Door Cable

Signs Saying You Need to Repair Garage Door Cable

Because of a faulty cable, many things can happen. In most cases, you’ll see a sign saying that you need to repair the cable. Here we’re talking about those signs.

Misaligned Door

Cables hold the door properly aligned so that it can open and close smoothly. If there is any fault in the cable, you might find that the door is not aligned properly. Maybe you’ll find it in a slightly oblique shape. 

In this case, you have to check the cables. It happens when a cable is torn or loose. Because of this issue, the door doesn’t open or close smoothly. Also, in this case, the door might hit the track and damage it.

So, to prevent further damage and accident, you should call a professional to check and change the cable as soon as possible. 

Small Strands Around

Sometimes you should check the floor near the door as a safety measure. If you find small steel or metal strands on the floor, this is a sign that your garage door cable is faulty. Cables are made by twisting thin metal strands. So, when the cable starts to get weak, small parts of those strands get broken and detached from the cable. 

This is a sign saying that you should check the cables. I’m sure that you’ll find your garage door cable damaged. 

Loud Bang

If you hear an unexpected loud bang from your garage but don’t find the reason behind this, the cable or spring of your garage door might be the reason. 

A loud bang is not always caused by the cable or spring, but when those are under extreme pressure, this may happen. 

So, after hearing such a sound if you don’t find any other reason, check the cable and spring of the garage door. It might be a sign saying that you should get the cable replaced or repaired. 

Damaged Bearings

Sometimes damaged cables damage the bearings too. When the detached steel strands hit the roller and bearings, these leave scratch marks on the bearings. If this happens frequently, which is common, the bearings get damaged. 

So, if you find damaged bearings or scratch marks on those, don’t forget to check the cables. I’m sure that you’ll see a damaged cable that requires repairing. Call us to replace it with a new and smoother one. 

Garage Door Malfunction

Cables hold the door properly so that it works smoothly. When there is an issue with the cable, the door can’t work properly. You’ll see visible changes while opening or closing the door.

In this case, besides everything, you should check the cables too. If you find any issue with the cable, stop using the door and call us for service. Using the door with a damaged cable can cause several types of accidents that you don’t want to face.

Why Should Repair Garage Door Cables

Why Should Repair Garage Door Cables?

You should repair the cables as soon as you find any sign of damage. But do you know why? Knowing the reasons behind it will push you to do this faster. So, here I’m talking about the reasons you should get your cable fixed as soon as possible.

To Avoid Personal Injury

A garage door is a really heavy thing. This heavy thing is held and secured by the cables. If the cables are faulty, there is a chance that they may suddenly get torn and leave the door. 

This can cause a serious injury if someone is there under the door. In fact, it can lead someone to death. I know that you don’t want someone to die from an accident caused by your garage door. So, you should get the cables repaired or replaced as soon as possible. 

To Avoid Damage to the Car

I’ve already said that a faulty cable may cause unexpected accidents. Those may affect your car too. If the car is not parked properly, the door may fall because of torn cable and cause serious damage to the car. 

The damage becomes more dangerous when it happens at the time of entering or leaving the garage. So, keep your eyes open for the signs of damaged cable and call for professional help if it is needed to be replaced.

To Avoid Damage to the Cement

The garage door is heavy, you already know. When the cables are loose or damaged, it goes in an oblique position. At the time of opening or closing, this heavy door touches the wall and puts scratch marks on the wall. 

Also if the cables are loose, there is a chance of the door hitting the ground every time it opens or closes. This also causes damage to the cement. Avoid such issues by fixing the cable quickly.

To avoid damage to the door

If the door is not that heavy, such frictions and hits discussed above affect the door itself. Because of such events happening frequently, you’ll end up with a door that can’t protect your garage anymore. Also, such a door ruins the appearance of your garage and your house.

So, to avoid damage to the door, you should change the loose cables as soon as possible.

To Avoid Bigger Costs

You can see that a damaged cable of your garage door can cause a lot of different types of messes. To handle those messes, you’ll have to spend a lot of bucks. 

You can avoid such costs if you take care of the cables and replace them when needed. The amounts you’ll have to spend to handle the damages are bigger than the cost of replacing a cable. Also, some costs can’t be measured. 

This is another reason you should get your cables replaced as soon as you find those damaged. 

How Do Garage Door Cables Get Damaged

How Do Garage Door Cables Get Damaged or Loose?

There are a few reasons that can make a garage door cable damaged or loose. Knowing the reasons help you to maintain the cables properly. So, here are some reasons for which you should keep your eyes open.

Damaged Bearings

Damaged cables make the bearings damaged. The vice-versa happens too. If the bearing is damaged somehow, it harms the cable too. The parts of the cable that come in contact with the damaged part of the bearings are hurt by the sharp edges or parts like that. 

As a result, the strands get cut off and the cable becomes weaker. In the end, you’ll end up with a damaged cable that may cause an accident. 

So, check the bearings and make sure there is no cracking or any other type of damage. If you find any damaged bearing, get it replaced quickly.

Improper Installation

To make sure that the system is working right, it should be installed accurately. If your garage door is not installed properly, the imbalance in the system causes several issues. A damaged cable is one of those.

If the system is not installed right, the cables have to hold a huge amount of load. In some cases, they have to carry way more load than they were supposed to. As a result, they get damaged within a short time. 

So, make sure that you’re taking help from a professional service who can do this for you properly. Otherwise, you’ll have to suffer later. 

Broken Spring

The springs have a huge impact on the cable. A broken spring leaves a huge load on the cables. This causes damage to the cable. If all the springs are broken, the cables become loose and don’t work properly.

So, you should check the springs regularly. Checking those once in two months is a good thing. If you find any issues, don’t forget to call for professional help.

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Improper Drums and Cables

While installing, the cables should be selected and cut depending on the size and weight of the door. If you use thin and short cables with a heavy and long door, it will leave a huge pressure on the cables that they can’t tolerate. As a result, you’ll find those damaged and torn within a short time.

Also, if you use long and thick cables to lift lights and small doors, you’ll end up having loose cables that don’t work properly. 

So, make sure that you’re hiring a qualified service to set up the garage door cable. A professional service provider knows how to do these properly.

Hitting Obstructions

If your garage door hits a strong obstruction, there is a chance that the bottom part of it gets damaged. This damage is visible. There is another damage that you can’t see if you don’t check. 

Hitting an obstruction may make the cables loose. It might happen too if your door hits something small frequently. So, make sure that there is nothing in the way of the door while opening or closing it.

Modern doors come with an auto-reverse mechanism and other technologies to make sure that the door is not hitting something. Still, you should be alert about it because such a system may fail sometimes. 

Corrosion Attack

Your cables might be affected by corrosion attacks too. It may happen for many reasons, including weather conditions. A corrosion attack spreads quickly and makes the cable weaker. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much do you charge to replace a cable?

It depends on the size and type of cable you want to get for your garage door. Depending on the factors, our typical cable replacing service may cost you around 150 to 250 bucks. 

Do you provide instant service?

Our regular garage door cable repair service is a scheduled service. When you call us for the service, we discuss and fix a time depending on our schedule. But we have emergency service too. 

If you call for instant service, our team reaches you instantly with the appropriate equipment. However, the instant service costs you a bit more than the regular service.

We also offer same-day service. This might cost you a bit more than regular service if our schedule is not available. 

Do you offer cable inspection service?

We don’t have an inspection service specifically focusing on the cables. We offer a garage door inspection service. In this service, we inspect each part of the system properly and find out issues if there are any. We also fix the issue as a part of the service.

However, if fixing the issue requires purchasing a new set of items like cable, roller, or anything, you have to pay for those.

Why should I call for a professional service to repair the cable?

The very first reason behind this is to avoid accidents. Cables hold a huge weight and that’s why the tension is huge in the cables. Any sudden change in the cables may release the tension. As a result, it may hit you with a huge force accidentally. This event leads to a serious accident. 

Also, if the issue is not fixed properly, it should be replaced again within a short time. A professional can do the task very precisely and make sure that any complexity is not going to happen in the system.

A professional can perform a quick check after replacing the cable to make sure that everything else is going well.