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Garage Door Repair & Installation Service Expert

Having your garage door out of order is not a very common situation. But whenever it happens, you should get the door repaired as soon as possible. This is why we have our garage door repair service where we fix several issues regarding your garage door. 

Our repair service offers several types of services which fix almost all types of issues you can face with your garage door. Starting from installing a garage door to fixing a simple screw, we do anything. We’ll be discussing more about our services later. 

Before that, let’s talk a few more words about ourselves.

About Us

We’re a professional garage door repair service who can help you with any issue with your garage door. Everyone in our team is professional and an expert in this job. So, they can check the smallest details, find out the reason behind the issue, and fix it as soon as possible without creating any mess. 

We’re working with garage doors for more than 5 years. Within this time, we’ve served over a thousand people with proper solutions to the issues with their garage doors. Our team is dedicated to serving the clients with the finest solution. This is what has made us unique and dependable to our clients. 

Garage Door Installation

The Services We Provide

Garage Door Repair

A garage door seems to be a simple thing, but it is not. It works as the result of the efforts done by a lot of small and complex parts. Anything can happen in the system at any time. 

This is why we offer our garage door repair service to help you with any issue with your garage door. If you find out that your garage door is not working properly, knock us anytime to find the issue and fix it.

Garage Door Installation

Installing a garage door is a hassle if you’re not asking for a professional service. This is why our team is waiting for you to help you with the task. We’ve installed several types of doors for our clients. Also, we know how things work. 

So if you’re looking for installing a garage door in your new garage or replacing the old one, you can ask for our service anytime. 

Garage Door Consultation

If you require any type of consultation, especially when you’re thinking about getting a good garage door, you can come to us anytime. Our experts have a vast knowledge about types of doors and their pros and cons. We can help you to find an appropriate door depending on your need. 

Also, our consultation service includes any type of modification of the door. We can talk about approximate cost, tips to maintain the door, and so on.

Garage Door Spring Repair

To work properly, most garage doors depend on multiple springs. If any of those gets broken, it doesn’t work properly because of the imbalanced situation. The remaining spring(s) has to handle the whole pressure. As a result, there is a chance of getting those springs broken too. This will cost you more.

Finding out the broken spring and fixing it is a tough and dangerous task. But our professional team members can do this easily. If you see such an issue, stop using the door and call us as soon as possible.

Garage Door Cable Repair

The cable allows the garage door to work properly. But when it is torn, damaged, or stuck, you can’t open the door. Even if you can, it is not easy and there is a scope of accidents. 

If anything like this happens, call us and let us know. Our professional team will be there with the essential equipment to help you. It is a tough task, but our team can handle it properly. So, you can expect to get it done within a short time.

Replacing Broken Rollers

Rollers are another important part of the smooth operation of the door. If any of the rollers gets broken, you should get it changed instantly. With a broken roller, the door operates slowly. Besides, a broken roller can harm a few other components directly or indirectly.

We replace the broken roller with a right-sized one so that your garage door starts working smoothly again. So, knock us whenever you face such an issue.

Repairing Broken Track

A broken track doesn’t allow the door to stay in its place. You can try to switch it to its place by using a hammer, but it won’t be effective. The door would be misplaced again as long as the track is not fixed. 

Getting the track fixed requires a professional hand. This is why we’ve trained our professionals to be able to help you with broken track issues. So, don’t hesitate to knock us if you find that the track should be repaired. 

Door Opener Repair

A garage door opener is a system that smoothly opens the door without making you lift any hefty weight. When the opener is not in a good condition, it is very tough for you to get the door opened. This is why we provide a door opener repair service. 

If you find that the door opener is not working properly, you can reach us by telephone. We make sure that you’re getting the opener repaired for the smooth operation of the door. 

Panel Replacement

A broken panel might not seem anything to someone, but it is a huge issue. It ruins the look of the door. Also, it has an impact on the overall appearance of your house. So, replacing the broken panel is a must.

Our panel replacement service will help you to get the broken panel replaced and get the cool look back. Call us for replacing the broken panel.

Door Tune-up

When the garage door is smooth but takes longer than it used to take to open or close, you should understand that it requires a tune-up. The system should be checked for a potential reason that is causing the door to stay jammed. 

Our door tune-up service checks even the smallest details to find out the issue that is making the door slow. Then we make sure that the issues are fixed. Thus, we tune up the door and make it work like before.

Emergency Garage Door Repair

If you want to do it instantly, we have an emergency garage door repair service. Our regular services are provided depending on our schedule. But in this emergency service, we instantly send our team to find out the issue and fix it.

So, when you’re in a hurry and you need instant service, just knock us for the emergency service. 

Other Services

Besides the above, we have several other services related to the garage door. Aluminum claddings, planning a maintenance routine, regular inspection, etc. are some other services we offer. So, call us anytime if you think that your garage door wants some care.

Reasons for Choosing Us

The Team

We have a perfect team for getting the job done effectively. In our team, all the members are licensed professionals who have the ability to work with any type of garage door. They are highly skilled and well taught for performing the tasks. 

Besides proper training and great skill, our team members come with experience of working in this field for a long time. So, you can depend on the team.


We make sure that you’re getting the service done as fast as possible. We have a large team of professionals. So, in most cases, we can make sure that you’re getting the service as soon as possible.

We are available in several regions of the country. So, no matter when or where you need us, we’re here to serve you as soon as possible.


We want to make our service available for the maximum number of customers. This is the reason we offer services within a sensible price range so that everyone can enjoy them. Having your garage door stuck is not a good thing to see. 

Our affordable services allow you to get any issue fixed without breaking the bank. So, call us for affordable services.

Client Satisfaction

We know that satisfying our clients should be our top priority. So, we make sure that we’re satisfying you with our service. Starting from the response to the performance, we make sure that you’re content with our service. 

Just not in their work, our team members are experts in communication too. So, you won’t be dissatisfied with our service.

Regular Training

Our team members go through regular training sessions that help them to improve their skills and expertise. The training sessions are held by industry experts who are working with garage doors for a long time. These effective training sessions help our team members a lot. 

In our regular training sessions, we also include innovations in this field. Thus, we keep our team members updated so that they don’t get stuck while working for you. 

Repair Your Garage Door Immediately

Why Should You Repair Your Garage Door Immediately?

To Maintain the Look

Issues like broken panels change the look of the garage door. Besides, it affects the overall expression of your house. Just think of a nicely decorated house with a broken garage door. You don’t want such a house, we know. 

This is why you should fix such issues with the help of a professional. A professional service can help you to get the stylish and flawless look of your garage as well as your house. 

To Save Your Time

A garage door with a broken spring or a broken track takes a lot of time to open or close. This makes you stand for a few moments and wait for the door to open or close properly. This may not seem to be a huge time, but it is actually, especially when you’re in a hurry. Also, it is an unnecessary time waste. 

Getting the door fixed quickly allows you to save this time. The value of this small amount of time is huge when you’re in a hurry.

To Prevent Theft

There is a chance of theft when your garage door is not in proper condition. A broken panel or slow-working door allows thieves to enter the garage easily. Getting these repaired makes sure that you are safe from theft. 

So, fix any issue in your garage door to keep your things safe, especially when you store things in the garage.

To Prevent Further Damage

The whole garage door system works with the help of a system. Any damage in the system gradually causes another damage as the components are interconnected. 

For instance- the pressure on a spring increases when the other spring breaks. This causes it to break within a few days. Similar things happen in other cases too.

So, to make sure that you’re not damaging other parts too, you should get the issues fixed as soon as possible. 

To Prevent Accident

A damaged garage door can cause several types of accidents. If it doesn’t work properly, anyone can get hurt by it. Also, it might hit your car too and cause you to spend an insane amount of bucks.

Damaging the car may cost you only bucks. But when it hits a person, the result is both physical pain and loss of money. 

If you get the door fixed as soon as possible, you all will be safe. So, you should repair your garage door immediately.

Professional Garage Door Repair

Why Should You Get a Professional to Repair Garage Door?

Expertise and Experience Required

To find out the issue and the way to fix it, you’ll need expertise and experience in working in this field. Also, working with this system is complicated and tiring. 

Besides, working on this system requires a wide level of knowledge about it. You might know the way your garage door works. But when it is about fixing issues, you should know more than just how it works. 

That’s why you should hire a professional.

Saving Money

You might think that doing it by yourself will allow you to save some money. But the fact is different here. 

If you don’t have the expertise, you’ll do something wrong that might require more bucks to get fixed. Also, doing something wrong can void the manufacturer’s warranty. Thus, you’re actually spending more though you’re trying to save some bucks.

But professionals know how to do things. There is no chance of doing it wrong if you leave it to experienced professionals like us. This way, you can save your bucks. 

Saving Time

When you don’t have the expertise, you’ll have to spend a lot of time marking the problem and finding a way to fix it. The process of fixing will also take time if you do it by yourself. With time, you’ll lose your patience. This will make you do mistakes.

On the other hand, professionals can do the job very easily as they have an idea about what can happen. They can quickly find out the problem, bring out a solution, and fix it. Thus, hiring a professional saves a lot of your time. 

Avoiding Accident

The garage door is heavy, and working with it is risky. If you don’t have enough idea about it, there is a chance that you’ll get injured by it. Also, the system itself is complex and there are several scopes of getting injured. Possible injuries are-

  • Crushed limbs
  • Pinched finger
  • Skin wound

To avoid such accidents, you should take help from a professional who can fix the issues for you. Besides the physical pain, injuries often make you spend a few bucks. 

These are the common reasons why you should hire professionals like us to fix your garage door problems. There are some minor reasons too. 

Tips for Maintaining Your Garage Door

If you take good care of the door, you won’t have to run to the repair service frequently. This is why here we’re talking about a few maintenance tips that will help you to keep your garage door in a sound condition. 

Keep Eyes and Ears Open

While operating the door, you should keep your eyes and ears open. Check if it is going smooth or if there are shakes. Also, keep your ears ready for any unfamiliar sound. If you find any unusual sound or movement, talk to a professional immediately.

Examine and Tighten Hardware

The garage door opens up and closes frequently. So, you should examine the hardware at least once a year. Check those and make sure that those are tightly installed. If not, tighten those properly with relevant tools. Also, you can call for a professional service.

Examine the Rollers

Check the rollers at least twice a year. If the rollers are not okay, the door doesn’t work properly and the opener has to take a load of pressure. This causes serious damage to the opener in the long run.

So, make sure that you’re examining the rollers regularly and replacing those if needed. Even if there is a small sign of a crack, you should get the roller replaced. 

Lubricate Parts that Move

The smooth movement of the parts is important. For smooth movement, those should be lubricated properly. While installing, those are lubricated and smooth. But with time, lubricants dry. So, you should check those parts and lubricate them when needed. 

Talk to the one who is installing your garage door to know about the lubricants you should use and where those should be used.

Check the Tracks

Tracks on both sides of the door are important parts of the system. So, you should keep those checked. Make sure that those are clean for smooth movement of the door. Also, if those are not in right place or broken, call for professional help. 

We know you may be able to fix it, but we don’t want you to get hurt.

Check for the Balance

A balanced door doesn’t put much pressure on the opener. So, you should check the balance sometimes to make sure that your opener is not carrying a huge load.

Checking the balance is very easy. At first, find out the release handle of the opener and pull it to disconnect it. Then, open the door halfway. Now, leave it carefully.

If the door is balanced, it’ll be there without your help. If not, it’ll be closed again. In this case, call for professional help to get the door balanced. 

Check the Cables

Check the cables of the door randomly because those hold huge weight. Be careful while checking those because the cables can cause serious accidents. Check for any broken strand or damage. If there is any sign, replace it immediately. Take help from a qualified service provider for this. 

Replace Weatherstripping if Needed

There is a weatherstrip at the bottom of the door that doesn’t allow weather elements to enter the garage. You should make sure that it is not ripped, cracked, or torn. If you see a tear or wear in the weatherstrip, consider replacing it. 

Those are found in the hardware stores. You can easily install those under the door.  

Check the Door

If your garage door is constructed using wood, look for signs of water damage or crack. In the case of steel doors, you should look for rust and issue in paint. 

Also, make sure that you’re washing the door regularly to keep it protected from slow and gradual damaging processes. Washing it once every 2-3 months is okay. You can go less frequently if you wish to. However, before cleaning it, make sure that you know what type of cleaners can be used on it. 

How Much Does Garage Door Repair Cost?

When the question is about the cost of repairing a garage door, there is no definite answer because of the variety of issues and types of doors. Depending on the material used to construct the door, the cost of repairing or fixing it varies. Also, the nature of the problem affects the charge of repairing the garage door. 

For example, if there is an issue with the spring, the cost might be somewhere between $90 to $250. It depends on the need for installing a new spring, the time required to fix it, etc. Working on the rollers will cost you around $200 because rollers are required to be replaced in most cases. 

Repairing or changing the tracks will cost you somewhat within $200 to $400. When sensor repairing cost you only around a hundred bucks, working on the panels may cost you up to eight hundred bucks or more. 

It all depends on several factors. If there is no need of replacing anything, you can get the job done within 75 to 150 bucks. Replacing costs you way more than that.

To know more about our pricing, check the pricing page. Also, call us directly to know how much we charge to fix the issue with your garage door.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it okay to try repairing my garage door by myself?

It is always respected and appreciated if you want to do something by yourself. But when it is about the garage door, it seems to be a bit riskier. We’ve already talked about why you should go for someone professional to get the job done. Also, doing it by you might make the issue more complex. 

So, we think, it is not okay most of the time if you try repairing the garage door. Leaving it to a professional is the best thing you can do.

How much does it cost to install a garage door?

This cost can be divided into two major parts- the price of the door and the service charge for installation. 

The price of the door depends on which one you’re picking. You’ll find garage doors available in several budget ranges. You’ll find doors priced around seven hundred bucks. Also, you’ll see expensive doors that cost you around three thousand bucks. Custom doors cost you more.

The service charge for installing the door varies depending on the service provider. An average provider charges around two to three hundred bucks for installing a door. 

Does home insurances cover garage door repair?

It depends on the policy of the insurance provider. Some typical garage door issues are covered by most insurance companies. Check the policy of your insurance provider to learn more about it. You can directly reach them and talk about it.

Do you work on all types of garage doors?

Yes, our services are for all types of doors. Besides having experience of working with several types of doors, we make sure that our team knows new things in this field. This allows us to deal with all types of garage doors. 

No matter which one you own, let us know when you need any type of help. We’ll be there to help you. 

Do I have to change the entire door if only a part is damaged?

Typically you don’t have to change the entire door if there is damage to only a part. Depending on the damage, you may have to get only that part fixed or you may have to change a few things around it. 

But sometimes, there is nothing to do except change the whole system or door. It all depends on the problem that has happened.