Commercial Garage Door Repair

Commercial Garage Door Repair – In-Depth Solutions [2022]

When you own or run a commercial garage, it is mandatory to make sure that everything is in great condition. If any accident happens, you have to pay the owner of the vehicle a certain amount as compensation. This cost you a huge amount. Besides, accidents hamper your goodwill too. 

This is why you should take care of your garage properly to avoid any type of situation that harms your business. In this case, focusing on your garage door is also mandatory. Properly maintained garage doors can serve you for a long time. Also, the risk of accidents caused by garage doors is very low if it is properly installed and maintained. 

If you’re worried about managing the issues with your garage door in your commercial parking space, we can help you. We’re a professional service provider working with several types of garage doors. We offer service for residential as well as commercial garages. We serve with experience of working in this field for around 10 years. 

More About Us

We are a known garage door repairing service provider working on several locations in the USA for a long time. We have an experienced and professional team of dedicated people who can fix any type of problem with your garage door. 

Working in this field for ten long years has allowed us to work with every type of issue a garage door can create. We have been working with commercial garages for more than seven years. So, you can depend on our team for helping you in fixing your commercial garage door issues

We ensure a smart solution to your problem, reliable service, and a healthy relationship with you. So, working with us for a long time won’t be any hassle for you. Let us handle the doors of your commercial garage so that you can focus on the business. 

Services We Offer for Our Commercial Garage Door Repair

Services We Offer for Our Commercial Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Installation

No matter whether you’re replacing an old door or setting up a new door in your garage, we can help you with that. Commercial garage doors are a bit different and require more attention at the time of installation. 

You can leave the task to us. As we’ve been working with these for a long time, we know the way to get the job done properly. You can trust us with the task.

Garage Door Consultancy

If you’re increasing the number of garages or opening a new business of commercial garages, you can call us for a consultation about garage doors. Starting from selection to installation, we can help you with everything. 

We help you to find out the best option for your garage by checking your garage and discussing your requirements. Also, we can help you by suggesting safety equipment for the doors.

Garage Door Inspection 

We offer garage door inspection and maintenance service for commercial garages where we check all the doors and find out issues if there are any. We can fix those issues too for an additional charge as our charge is set focusing on the inspection service only.

We provide this service as per order. When you call us for the service, we send our team to you who check the doors and make a list of issues for you so that you can make the next decision accordingly. 

Routine Inspection and Maintenance

A commercial garage comes with a lot of doors. Checking and maintaining those regularly is a hassle for you, we know. That’s why we’ve introduced a routine maintenance program in which we check the doors regularly and fix the issues.

Our routine maintenance service is a subscription-based service where we maintain the schedule and everything else. You won’t have to be worried about anything. 

Preventive Maintenance

In our preventive maintenance service, we offer maintenance steps that allow you to stay away from potential accidents. Our preventive maintenance service includes checking the safety features, inspecting the emergency lever, checking the balance of the door, etc.

Preventive maintenance is a bit different compared to regular maintenance because here we focus most on maintaining the door to avoid risks of accidents.

Spring Repair and Replacement

To avoid most types of accidents, your garage door has to have a healthy spring that carries a lot of its weight. To keep your commercial garage safe for your clients, we offer spring repair and replacement services. 

In this service, we repair (if possible) or replace broken or damaged springs. Also, we provide a spring checking service where we inspect all the doors, find out the damaged springs, and take the necessary steps to fix those. 

Cable Repair and Replacement

Without a set of healthy cables, your garage door can’t work properly. A torn cable may cause the door to drop and damage the vehicles. So, you should get damaged, weak, and torn cables replaced. 

In that case, we can be your helping hand. Leave the worries to us. Also, if you want, you can go for our cable checking service where we inspect and find out the damaged or weak cables of your garage doors. We work for replacing those too.

Track Repair and Replacement

To keep your door running smooth, tracks help a lot because these are the ways that the rollers follow to open or close the door. If the track is damaged, broken, or clogged, the door would fail to open or close smoothly. That’s why we provide track repair and replacement service for commercial garage doors so that you can keep your door running smooth.

We also inspect all the tracks of your garage door and replace or fix the damaged ones in our track inspection service. 

Roller Inspection and Replacement

A smooth and fault-free roller allows the door to move freely and keeps the track safe. But when there is a crack or damage in the roller, it gets stuck, damages the track, or doesn’t allow the door to open smoothly. 

In our roller inspection and replacement service, we check the rollers to find out the faulty ones and replace those with new ones. Contact us if you need any type of help regarding the rollers.

Door Opener Repair and Replacement

If the door opener is stuck, the door would stay stuck even if other components are smooth. So, you should take the necessary steps to fix the issue as soon as possible. In that case, you can depend on us because we have experience of working with several types of door openers

We examine the door opener, find out the problem, and fix that if possible to make your garage door work properly again. If there is no such chance of making it work, in that case, we help you to select a new one and get it installed.

Emergency Services

In the case of commercial garages, the need for emergency maintenance or repair is very frequent. So, our commercial garage door repair service has emergency services for our commercial clients and we are only one call away from you. Our emergency service is available for all types of issues that you can face with your commercial garage door. 

Just call us and let us know that you need the emergency service. Our team will be there in your place within no time and fix the issue as soon as possible. 

Other Services

Our commercial garage door repair service covers all other types of issues your commercial garage door may face. Starting from consultation to maintenance, you’ll find us available for everything. Just make a call and let us know the problem you’re facing.  We’ll be there for you.

Professional Service for Commercial Garage door

Why Choose Professional Service for Commercial Garage Space?

To Help You in Different Situation

A professional service can be a great partner in your business who can help you in different situations. A commercial garage space faces several issues regarding the garage door as people use the doors frequently. In this case, having someone professional in this field helps you to get rid of such situations immediately.

As a professional service provider, we can feel the hardship you face to serve your clients. So, we don’t want you to stay busy with the technical hassles too. You can leave those to us.

To Save Your Time

Having a professional garage door repair service beside you allows you to save a lot of your time. In such a case, you don’t have to check and manage the technical hassles if any issue shows up.

Our professional service comes with offers where we can perform routine checks to make sure everything is okay. If anything is not okay, we fix that as soon as possible. As a result, you can save a lot of time that you used to spend on inspecting or contacting the repair service. It saves you from additional worries too. 

To Save Your Bucks

A professional service can properly fix the issues you’re facing with the garage doors. As a result, there is no scope for creating a mess. Also, a properly fixed door can serve you for a longer time.

On the other hand, a newbie or someone from your team who doesn’t know things about garage doors can create a mess at the time of repair. This makes you spend more as you have to fix the mess too. 

Taking help from our professional team can help you to save your bucks because we know how to fix the issues. We won’t create any mess that makes you spend more. 

To be Your Partner in Operation

A professional garage door service can be your partner in your operation. Services like regular maintenance, preventive maintenance, etc. are served by professional service providers where you don’t have to manage anything. Everything can be done by the service provider. 

Having such a partner allows you to stay away from additional worries and pressures. So, you can think of that. We can perform routine maintenance for you.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

Professional Team

We have a professional team that can help you with all types of problems your garage door may create. We can get the job done fast and leave without any mess. Also, we make sure that the issue is fixed properly so that it doesn’t disturb you later.

Besides ensuring quality service, our team also focuses on building a long-term relationship with you. So, we think you’ll like to get the service from us.

Expert Team Members

Everyone in our team is an expert in what they do. We have people who are doing this job for more than 20 years. Also, we have young blood who are experts in their tasks. So, the team we have is a diversified and expert team that can get the jobs done properly.

If you’re looking for experience and expertise, you should pick our team. We are one of the best services you’ll find to help you with your garage door issues.

Designed for You

We provide services that are designed for your particular need. If you’re looking for a regular maintenance partner, we can be that. If you’re looking for someone to set up the garage doors only, we can do that for you. In a word, we serve as per your requirement. 

We are patient and flexible enough to listen to you and design service according to that. All you have to do is let us know what you want. Don’t be late.

Reasonable Pricing

We provide expert service and customized services within a reasonable price range. The reason is- we don’t want our clients to face any type of hardship with their garage doors. So, we make sure that they can easily grab our services. Also, we want to work with more people and gain more experience. 

So, we have kept the prices of our service very reasonable. By comparing it with most other services, you’ll know this better. 


To ensure the finest service to our clients, we make sure that our team members are updated with recent inventions and technology in the field. That’s why we arrange training sessions regularly where they are taught about those. Also, we arrange experience-sharing sessions where experts talk about their experience in this field.

This allows our team members to grow themselves into better professionals by enhancing their experience and expertise. 

Commercial Garage Doors

Why Commercial Garage Doors Require Better Focus

Compared to residential garage doors, commercial doors require more focus. Some of the key reasons behind this are given below.

  • Size and Weight

In most cases, commercial garage doors are bigger in size compared to residential garage doors. Besides, these are made stronger and thicker. As a result, you’ll find these heavier than the residential ones. 

This heavy weight and huge size make the system work harder. So, these require more frequent servicing with proper care. Also, the system in commercial garage doors is more complex. This is another reason these require better attention.

  • Frequent Use

Commercial garage doors are more frequently used compared to residential ones in most cases. Most people who rent commercial garages move a lot, which requires opening the garage a lot. This frequent use keeps the system working, but you’ll also find it facing frequent issues. 

This is why you’ll find these doors demanding more attention. 

  • Used by Multiple People

Commercial garage doors are being used by several types of people. Though some are good from the point of using the door, maximum don’t care to be careful about using the doors as they are not the owner.

Such users are harmful to your garage doors. Often they leave the door in a condition that requires service to run smoothly. This is another reason you have to pay more attention to the commercial garage doors. 

Commercial Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Commercial Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Inspect Frequently

Doors of commercial garages are used by several different types of people. You don’t know who treats it good and who treats it bad. So, you should check the doors frequently. Frequent checking allows you to find out issues quickly and fix those. 

Compared to residential doors, commercial doors require more frequent checking. Checking once a month is good enough for those.

Look for Damages

Damage may happen in many ways. Finding out the damages helps you to look for the reasons behind those damages too. So, you should find the damages by frequent inspection. You should check the panels, spring, cable, track, roller, etc., and the rest other parts too. 

Don’t leave anything that has the chance of being damaged.

Look for Rust

Metal parts of your garage doors are prone to corrosion. This is one of the most dangerous enemies of metal that eats up and weakens the metal part of your garage door. This may result in a dangerous accident. 

So, while checking for damages, don’t overlook rust. If you see any sign of that, take the necessary steps to remove rust.

Tighten Bolts

Frequent movement of the heavy garage door makes the bolts loose or weak. In this case, the door may fail or even fall depending on which bolt is loose. So, you shouldn’t ignore any loose bolt. Use necessary tools for tightening the loose bolts to keep your garage door running properly and prevent accidents. 

Lubricate Moving Parts

Multiple moving parts keep the garage door running. To make sure that those are functioning well, you should keep those lubricated. So, at the time of routine maintenance, don’t forget to check the lubrication and lubricate when needed. 

Parts like rollers, hinges, and springs should be lubricated regularly to deliver the best output for your garage door. 

Get rid of Debris

Debris accumulation is common in garage doors. This may happen for several reasons. No matter what the reason is, you should make sure that there is no accumulated debris in any part of your garage door. 

If you find any form of debris accumulation in any part of the system, make sure that you’re cleaning that. If not cleaned, debris accumulation can damage several important parts of the system and make you spend more. 

Hire a Maintenance Service

With these common maintenance factors, focusing on all other maintenance issues is not easy for you, especially when you have a large garage. In that case, you can take help from a professional garage maintenance service. 

Hiring a professional service allows you to leave the stress of maintaining such a huge garage alone. Through regular maintenance, a professional service can handle the doors while you’re handling the rest of the business. 

commercial garage door faq

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have any special offers for commercial garage door service?

Our commercial garage door repair service offers the quality of our service that allows you to satisfy your clients who use your garages. Through proper inspection, maintenance, and servicing, we make sure that your garage doors are totally safe and smooth to use. 

Our services are priced reasonably. So, quality service in exchange for a reasonable price is our offer for you. 

Does your regular maintenance service come with the cost of replacing damaged parts?

Our regular maintenance services are priced based on the cost of our service. We don’t know how many of your springs are broken or how many rollers should be replaced. So, we can’t include that in the service charge.

Depending on the number of doors required to check, our service charge varies. The cost of replacing damaged parts is excluded and you have to pay for those separately. 

Does your service charge vary depending on the type of door?

The services we provide are almost similar for all types of doors. So, the charge doesn’t vary a lot. We’ve somehow managed to bring ourselves to a point where we can charge similarly for all types of doors. So, don’t worry about that. 

In some cases, the charge varies a bit but that won’t be something you can’t bear, we promise.